Dine In 2Nite Meal Schedule 

 We use fresh in-season ingredients; some items on the menu may change based on ingredient availability. 

 Vegetarian, kids, FIT and gluten-free versions available for any meal below. 

 See FAQ for details.

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Week of December 8 - 12

Monday December 8

CALIFORNIA SURF AND TURF  – Grilled chicken breast topped with shrimp in a white wine cream sauce served with angel hair Pomodoro.

Tuesday December 9

MOLCAJETE MIXTO - Exotic grilled mix of Carne Asada, chicken and mild Chorizo sausage in a light base with queso fresco, salsa, avocado, green onions and lime. Served with Spanish rice.

Wednesday December 10

MORROCCAN MEATBALL TAGINE - Moroccan spiced beef meatballs in a sweet and savory sauce with vegetables served over couscous.

Thursday December 11

PAPRIKA CHICKEN – Tender roasted chicken leg rubbed with sweet paprika. Served with broccoli florets and seasoned stuffing made with caramelized onions and dried fruit.

Friday December 12

PINEAPPLE SIRLOIN SKEWERS - Tender grilled, marinated steak with pineapple and grape tomatoes. Served with herbed rice and green beans.

Week of December 15 - 19

Monday December 15

MAUNA LOA CHICKEN - Marinated chicken breast with soy mirin glaze and macadamia nuts, served with grilled pineapple slices and jasmine rice with snap peas.

Tuesday December 16

PEPPERED BEEF STROGANOFF – Modern take on beef Stroganoff made with tender slices of steak served over noodles in a creamy mushroom brandy sauce.

Wednesday December 17

HAVARTI CHICKEN AND PORTABELLOS – Tender slices of chicken and grilled Portobello mushroom in a creamy Havarti dill sauce served with cornbread stuffing and sautéed Brussels sprouts.

Thursday December 18

SALMON ‘NEWBURG’ – Fresh fish in a creamy sauce made with garlic, white wine, real cream and petite peas served over linguini pasta.

Friday December 19

GARLIC PEACH PORK KABOBS - Tender pork loin skewered with fresh vegetables and juicy seasonal peach, served with tangy Ranch potatoes.

Week of December 22 - 26

Monday December 22

Delivery Available in Select Areas Only - Contact Us For Details

Tuesday  December 23

Delivery Available in Select Areas Only - Contact Us For Details

Wednesday December 24

No Deliveries

Thursday December 25

No Deliveries

Friday December 12

Delivery Available in Select Areas Only - Contact Us For Details

Week of December 29 - January 2

Monday December 29

Delivery Available in Select Areas Only - Contact Us For Details.

Tuesday December 30

Delivery Available in Select Areas Only - Contact Us For Details.

Wednesday December 31

No Deliveries

Thursday January 1

No Deliveries

Friday January 2

Delivery Available in Select Areas Only - Contact Us For Details.

Week of January 5 - 9 

Monday January 5

CHICKEN FLORENTINE  - Seared chicken over spinach salad cooked with ginger, garlic and Asian spices with garlic couscous.

Tuesday January 6

SESAME BEEF CHOW MEIN – Chinese take-out style Chow Mein dish with tender steak and stir fried veggies.

Wednesday January 7

PAN FRIED TILAPIA - Fresh Tilapia fillet topped with savory pecan-coriander breadcrumbs served over buttery turnip puree and steamed asparagus.

Thursday January 8

INDONESIAN SHRIMP AND CHICKEN  – Marinated shrimp and chicken breast pieces, onion and ginger in plum sauce touched with a splash of cream, served over white rice.

Friday January 9

SAFFRON SAUSAGE ROTINI  – Casserole of grilled, sweet Italian sausage and saffron spinach tomato sauce with onions and garlic over Rotini pasta.

Week of January 12 - 16

Monday January 12

HUNGARIAN CHICKEN PAPRIKASH WITH NOKEDLI - Traditional Hungarian comfort food with sweet, stewed chicken, veggies and handmade dumplings.

Tuesday January 13

STEAK DIANE – Grilled sirloin steak topped with seasoned shrimp in Parmesan cream sauce served with Spring vegetables and a baked potato with traditional fixings.

Wednesday January 14

NOT-SO-SHORT RIBS - Asian inspired pork ribs with warm kimchi green bean salad and roasted daikon radish.

Thursday January 15

OVEN BAKED FILLET WITH TOMATOES AND OLIVES – Fresh fillet baked and topped with zesty tomatoes and olives served with steamed asparagus and lemon pepper rice.

Friday January 16

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST WITH GRAPEFRUIT BEURRE BLANC – Tender grilled chicken in a buttery sweet-tart citrus sauce served with baked sweet potato fries and broccoli salad.