"Dine in 2Nite provides a unique approach to helping everyone enjoy the convenience of meals delivered to their doorstep on a daily basis."

Claire Kats

Claire Kats

Executive Chef Claire Kats has been cooking since age eight.  As a bestselling author and the host of the nationally syndicated Food Fight Radio talk show, she loves to teach and inspire people about health, nutrition and flavor.  Co-founding Dine In 2Nite in 2010, her mission was to create a fusion of gourmet and comfort dinners for busy people across the nation.  a self proclaimed "spice nerd", she continually broadens her experience to find new tastes and new inspiration, and nothing is off-limits.   


Our Mission

Since all of Dine In 2Nite's meals are made only from fresh and healthy ingredients, without any artificial additives, fillers, MSG and preservatives, our customers can rest assured that they are feeding their family real food naturally low in calories while still enjoying a wide variety of meats and vegetables rarely to grace the average family's dinner table.  The mix of comfort favorites as well as ethnic restaurant specialties provides customers with more than enough variety to avoid the much saltier and fattier restaurant fare and supports local agriculture as well by using in-season locally grown produce whenever possible, making Dine In 2Nite a delicious and convenient culinary choice with a conscience.


Our meals are:

  • Freshly prepared, not frozen
  • Delivered just in time for dinner
  • Well balanced, and portion controlled.  Each meal includes a hearty main entree with side dishes.
  • Beneficial to anyone looking to save time on dinner preparation during the week 



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