Dine In 2Nite Meal Schedule 

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Week of July 8 -  12

Monday July 8

GINGER CHICKEN - Grilled chicken breasts with caramelized onions, garlic, white wine and ginger served alongside fruited coconut couscous and wilted spinach and carrots.

Tuesday July 9

CAJUN SEASONED ENGLISH WHITING – Cajun pan fried Whiting fillets, served with Chef’s special dirty rice made with tomatoes, red beans, red onions, cashews and cilantro with a side of Brussels sprouts.

Wednesday July 10

NUTTY OVEN FRIED CHICKEN – Old family recipe crispy oven fried chicken served with cilantro sautéed carrots and buttery seasoned Rotini pasta.

Thursday July 11

BLOODY MARY STEAKS WITH GREEN OLIVE BUTTER – Marinated steak with a kick (not spicy) sliced and served with a zesty green olive butter on the side. Served with mashed potatoes, spiced matchstick carrots and Artisan bread.

Friday July 12

LINGUINI WITH WHITE CLAM SAUCE – Decadent homemade sauce with littleneck clams white wine, garlic and real cream. Served over al dente linguini.




Week of July 15 -  19

Monday July 15

ROASTED CHICKEN WITH CHERRY SAUCE – Tender roasted leg quarters with sour cherry sauce served with Spring vegetables and our special recipe caramelized onion and Gruyere macaroni and cheese.

Tuesday July 16

OVEN BAKED SNAPPER WITH TOMATOES AND OLIVES – Fresh fillets baked and topped with zesty tomatoes and olives served with steamed asparagus and lemon pepper rice.

Wednesday July 17

ARGENTINIAN STYLE BEEF WITH CHIMICHURRI SAUCE –Tender, marinated flat iron steak, sliced and served with grilled zucchini and
buttered chili spiced corn with Mexican Crema

Thursday July 18

LEMON HALO CHICKEN – Coconut sautéed breaded chicken breast with sweet lemon parsley reduction. Served with sesame jasmine rice and a medley of fresh spring vegetables.

Friday July 19

BACON WRAPPED BEEF BRACIOLE WITH CREAMY GOUDA GRITS – Reimagined Italian favorite paired with smoky, creamy grits and a sweet pepper and celery heart salad.




Week of July 22 -  26

Monday July 22

MILANESE SHRIMP AND SAUSAGE – Succulent shrimp and sausage prepared in a sweet mushroom tomato sauce served over ziti pasta.

Tuesday July 23

ENGLISH BEEF STEW WITH HERB DUMPLINGS - Tender pieces of beef stewed for hours in a rich traditional roux based sauce with vegetables and topped with steamed herb dumplings.

Wednesday July 24

GRILLED CHICKEN BREASTS WITH GRAPEFRUIT BEURRE BLANC – Tender grilled chicken in a buttery sweet-tart citrus sauce served with baked sweet potato fries and broccoli salad.

Thursday July 25

COFFEE ROASTED PORK LOIN (WITH TRUCKER GRAVY) - Homemade sweet potato gnocchi with molasses creme fraiche, roasted carrots and turnips with rosemary.

Friday July 26

NUT CRUSTED TILAPIA FILLET - Flaky tilapia baked with a crunchy nut crust. Served with spice carrot orzo salad fresh vegetables.




Week of July 29 -  August 2

Monday July 29

PINEAPPLE PORK LO MEIN Tender seasoned pork stir fried with pineapple, bamboo shoots, carrots, baby corn and snow peas in a sweet and tangy hoisin sauce served with seasoned sticky rice.

Tuesday July 30

BUTTERNUT SQUASH RAVIOLI – Handmade ravioli with a creamy walnut dill pesto sauce and red wine poached pears.

Wednesday July 31

COCONUT TILAPIA WITH APRICOT DIPPING SAUCETender flaky fillets coated with coconut topping and pan fried. Served with almond Jasmine rice and tricolored sautéed peppers.

Thursday August 1

RED WINE BRAISED SIRLOIN TIPS WITH MUSHROOMS - Sirloin steak browned with garlic and braised in tomato sauce and red wine. Served over buttery bow-tie pasta and Chinese Broccoli.

Friday August 2

CHICKEN FRICASSEE - Tender chicken smothered and roasted in a savory time trusted sauce with wine, mushrooms, celery hearts and spices. Served with nutty parsleyed quinoa and broccoli.




Week of August 5 -  9

Monday July August 5

SICILIAN SAUSAGE AND POLENTA – Sweet grilled sausage and bell peppers in a creamy gorgonzola and mushroom sauce served over slow cooked polenta.

Tuesday August 6

SALMON ‘NEWBURG’ – Fresh fish in a creamy sauce made with garlic, white wine, real cream and petite peas served over linguini pasta.

Wednesday August 7

PARMESAN CRUSTED CHICKEN – Chicken quarters seasoned and coated with a parmesan crust, oven roasted with baby carrots and wild whole grain salad with cherries.

Thursday August 8

PAN FRIED TILAPIA - Fresh Tilapia fillets topped with savory pecan-coriander breadcrumbs served over buttery turnip puree and steamed asparagus.

Friday August 9

MOLCAJETE MIXTO - Exotic grilled mix of Carne Asada, chicken, shrimp and mild beef Chorizo in a light base with queso fresco, salsa, avocado, green onions and lime. Served with Spanish rice.




Week of August 12 -  16

Monday August 12

CALIFORNIA SURF AND TURF  – Grilled chicken breast topped with butterflied shrimp in a white wine cream sauce served with angel hair Pomodoro.

Tuesday August 13

SESAME SHRIMP – Asian style dish of shrimp, garlic, snow peas and sesame seeds in a light sauce served over sticky rice.

Wednesday August 14

BROWN SUGAR TOMATO CHICKEN  – Sweet marinated chicken thighs with mushroom walnut compote and wild wheat berry salad.

Thursday August 15

SKILLET RAVIOLI WITH BABY SPINACH - Richly flavored Portobello mushroom and cheese ravioli skillet sautéed in a tangy tomato sauce with spinach and pinenuts.

Friday August 16

PINEAPPLE SIRLOIN SKEWERS - Tender grilled, marinated steak with pineapple and grape tomatoes. Served with herbed rice and green beans.


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